Heerak Lim (Rocky Lim). Seoul, Korea


My name is Heerak Lim and in English, called Rocky. I graduated from Seoul National University in Korea with a master’s degree in computer science and majored in database systems, and storage systems. I am currently working for SAP Laps Korea. Beforem that, I worked for CSIRO, a national research organisation in Australia and AICT(Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology) in Korea as a research intern. Among the various fields of computer science, I am interested in followings:

  • Database, Storage system, Parallel Computing
  • Key-Value store, NoSQL, DBMS
  • Linux/Unix environment
  • system performance
  • Application-Driven Storage Management
  • multi-thread concurrency
  • automation in the development process

This blog is mainly a place where I record some accomplishments or progresses that I have made on such research topics. Plus, I’m going to post whatever I’ve designed, published, developed.


Contact Me

It’s always welcome.

        Email : rockylim@snu.ac.kr
        Email : lrocky1229@gmail.com
        Mobile (KR) : +82 10 4814 3800

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Education and Career

SAP Labs Korea,
Developer for SAP HANA Cloud Database and Big Data platform
2019.08 ~

M.S in Seoul National university,
Computer Engineering, Distributed Computing System Lab
2017.09 ~ 2019.08

Common Wealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation ; CSIRO in Australia
Research Intern, Data61, Distributed Sensing System Team

CIT Code Academy, CIT 코드 아카데미 ㈜디지틀조선일보
2017 ~ 2018

Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology ; AICT
Research Intern,Medical-IT Convergence Technology Laboratory
차세대융합기술연구원(서울대 융합기술연구원), 의료-it융합기술연구실, 인턴

  B.S in Ajou university, Softerware Engineering.
 2012 ~ 2017


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