Heerak Lim (Rocky Lim). Seoul, Korea


My name is Heerak Lim and in English, called Rocky. I’m in my M.S degree at Seoul National University in Korea and studying database and storage systems. I worked for CSIRO, a national research organisation in Australia and AICT(Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology) in Korea as a research intern. Among the various fields of computer science, I am interested in followings:

  • Database, Storage system, Parallel Computing
  • Key-Value store, NoSQL, DBMS
  • Linux/Unix environment
  • System performance tuning
  • Application-Driven Storage Management
  • Troubleshooting with multi-thread concurrency
  • Automation in the development process

This blog is mainly a place where I record some accomplishments or progresses that I have made on such research topics. Plus, I’m going to post whatever I’ve designed, published, developed or literally whatever.


Contact Me

It’s always welcome.

        Email : rockylim@snu.ac.kr
        Email : lrocky1229@gmail.com
        Mobile (KR) : +82 10 4814 3800

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Education and Career

M.S in Seoul National university,
Computer Engineering, Distributed Computing System Lab
2017.09 ~

Common Wealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation ; CSIRO in Australia
Research Intern, Data61, Distributed Sensing System Team

CIT Code Academy, CIT 코드 아카데미 ㈜디지틀조선일보
lecturer, 강사
2017 ~ 2018

Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology ; AICT
Research Intern,Medical-IT Convergence Technology Laboratory
차세대융합기술연구원(서울대 융합기술연구원), 의료-it융합기술연구실, 인턴

  B.S in Ajou university, Softerware Engineering.
 2012 ~ 2017




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